Natural Fit
Brighton & Hove

We’re giving our all, to support and restore your natural potential.


Opening December 2019

Natural Fit supports your body and mind. Whether exercising for sport, improving health and flexibility for future life or to remedy a niggling injury, our unique approach will help you feel rejuvenated and confident.

Monthly membership gives freedom to visit and use the spa, gym and classes as often as you like. Reduce stress, improve strength and agility naturally, relax and re-awaken your senses. Catch up with friends in the café and lounges.

Natural Fit has a limited membership.

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A short distance North of Hove Station, on the edge of Hove Park, Natural Fit is a combination internally of great architecture and blissful ambience. Built inside a lovely old church, this is a space filled with bespoke gym equipment, beautiful spa facilities and a health-inspired café.

St. Agnes Church
Newtown Road
Hove, East Sussex
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Opening times
7am - 9pm Seven days a week


It’s time to realign your body, to re-activate moving with freedom and flow.
Revitalise, build fitness and confidence.


We'll help you to re-connect brain and body,
to enable you to re-discover moving how you were born to.

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