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We’re giving our all, to support and restore your natural potential. 

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Opening Spring 2019 in Tunbridge Wells

Our Story

Behind its striking Georgian facade in Tunbridge Wells, Natural Fit is a fresh innovation in fitness and well-being. Satisfy your body through re-awakened every-day functional movement. Carefully designed exercise apparatus, classes targeted to differing ability levels, luxurious membership spa and treatment facilities.

From the moment we are born, we create our own programmes of every day functional movement. These patterns of motion, stored in our subconscious, develop through childhood, enabling us to jump and run via automatic movements, leaving our minds free to think and dream. Active sport, personal injuries, the stresses of life, sedentary jobs and the ageing process all interrupt these subconscious patterns, and cause most of our aches and pains. This can inhibit the enjoyment of exercise and even limit our everyday functional body movement.

Natural Fit’s classes and gym will guide Nature’s process and assist you with re-aligning your body’s natural sequence, helping you move again with freedom and flow. Our Spa and cafe provide the space to relax, re-invigorate and meet with friends.

Look forward to a future life with a re-awakened body, enjoying every-day functional movement and exercise. Re-experience the world the way you were born to.


Opening Spring 2019 in Calverley Road

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