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The combination of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines.

Yoga is disciplined, it infuses body and mind to release any suffering and find inner peace 

The various types of Yoga form some of our most popular Classes. Natural Fit offers a range of Yoga styles to suit every budding and experience Yogi: Hatha, Yin, Vinyassa, and others.

Many of these classes are brought to you from our visiting Yoga teachers.


Natural Fit Yoga

In addition to the traditional Yoga practices, Natural Fit has its own style of Yoga where the flow fits more easily with the core aims of improving every-day functional movement. These classes also act as a great introducer to Yoga for those who have not previously practised the art.

Available as Gentle and Strong Flow. Move with confidence from attentive guidance in small-group classes every day.


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Yoga Flow Classes

When you have a feel for the essentials of yoga, choose between Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa Yoga Flow Classes – each mainstays of the yoga tradition.

Hatha and Yin Yoga are gentle, beginner-friendly forms of yoga, focusing on mind-body connection and static poses. Hatha and Yin are the perfect tranquil environment to stretch deep into those poses and really feel the benefit of practise through your muscles, spine, mental concentration and in your life outside the studio.

Vinyasa Yoga draws together the postures of yoga following your breath. Excellent for feeling a strengthening, toning workout within a calming, restorative practise, Vinyasa yoga will aid flexibility, freedom of motion and stability in day-to-day life.

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Studio Classes

Full membership gives unlimited bookings in to the Trainer-led classes of your choice – and what a choice! Over 100 classes available each week, held in three inspiring studios: some high in the yoga / floor studio, higher intensity classes in the studios on the main gym floors. 
 We’ll have classes that are right for you.

Personal Training studio

Follow the Video Personal Trainer, using a personal set of equipment. 250 30-minute workouts each week to choose from, based around a choice of programs from weight-loss to Endurance or Rejuvenate. Book in any time, with friends or on your own and just turn up. Everything will be ready, with your name on it!
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