Natural Fit
Brighton & Hove

We're here to support and restore your natural potential.



Natural Fit has developed a bespoke screening system to develop your Every-day Functional Movement. You'll work in a class at your own level, and step up as your movement improves.

This will help you right now, providing the confidence to exercise in a sustainable way, reducing the risk of injury. In the process you'll re-train your brain to make correct decisions for the simplest of actions and discover movements long forgotten.

Re-experience moving how you were born to.

Mobility - agility

Focussed on the mobility of your body in everyday movements, these classes are mainly mat-based and include familiar yoga-style techniques, including learning to breathe more freely, and especially how to involve your Core in every action you make.

No more stiffness or restriction in daily tasks. These classes will help you to move more freely and easily, opening joints and lengthening the muscles.

Stability - strength

To improve every day functional movement, which is vital for a long active life, we need to build stability in our actions. Stability requires our brains to be confident with the strength of each part of our body, and leads to improvements in posture and strength. using key techniques that re-establish the muscular sequencing for optimal stability and movement - particularly how to involve your Core in every action you make.

Stability classes can be mat orientated, like Pilates style classes, or may be circuit based in our natural movement studio, and in our virtual trainer studios.

Programming - for vitality

Mobility and Stability combine to provide our ability to build programmes of movement. For instance, the simple action of walking is a complex programme, combining many smaller less complicated movements in to a single chain. We can work to improve these programmes by re-building the individual links, to ensure all our actions utilise fully all the correct muscle groups, firing in the correct sequence.

This will teach our bodies to re-discover moving how we were born to.

Typically these classes are circuit-based, often in our natural movement studio or in a virtual-trainer setup. They will improve balance, coordination, mobility, flexibility and are great for overall muscle toning.



A range of classes providing a safe environment within the Natural Fit guided system. These use techniques to engage the brain to provide flexibility and motion and adding in stability in the correct sequence for each area of the body. Foundational movements develop to create ease of motion, with freedom and flow.



Performed in bespoke cycle or rowing based studios, with a wide range of further equipment, perform with your personal on-screen coach. Classes cover cardio, functional ab work-outs, balance and flexibility. The virtual arena provides you with your own personal space and equipment to enjoy your class experience to the fullest.