Keep Active This Autumn: Best 5 Tunbridge Wells Days Out

An active lifestyle is about more than just workouts, targets and diet plans. The way we see it, it’s about making little but great choices each day that allow you to enjoy a full, rounded life with family and friends. 

Autumn is a fantastic time to reconnect with your body, mind, loved ones and the peacefulness of the changing seasons. With the children off-school this half-term and your wellbeing to look after as winter draws closer, take advantage of all of the natural beauty that Kent has to offer year-round. 

We’ve put together a wonderful itinerary that’s packed with plentiful opportunities in the Tunbridge Wells area for the whole family to join in active, outdoor fun!

Walks to invigorate and inspire

We really couldn’t be luckier than to be so close to Ashdown Forest, the inspiration for Winnie-the-Pooh’s stamping ground The Hundred Acre Wood. There are 13 different walks to take through this historic forest from Pooh-themed trails to archaeological treks and even a route that follows an airstrip from the Second World War, so there is something for all interests and ages! There are some accessible areas for pushchairs and wheelchairs, and dogs are very much welcome. Maps can be downloaded from the website or picked up at the Forest Centre for a small donation of 50p. Horse riders can purchase a permit to hack within the Forest on a day, winter and annual basis.

Enjoy walking for a little part of each day, or triumph with a full hike, with the Tunbridge Wells Circular Walks. The full route is 27.5 miles and takes you all around the countryside on the outskirts of the town, skirting the Kent-Sussex border round to Pembury, Tudeley Natural Park, and Southborough before closing back in around Langton Green. If the full course sounds a bit daunting, try out one or part of the four smaller circulars that range between 8 and 15 miles starting in the town centre, so you can pick whichever best fits your ability level and appeals to your inner explorer.

If you’d like to stay more local to town, take a stroll along the Heritage Walking Trail, which guides you through all of the best historical sites in the town of Royal Tunbridge Wells. The trail includes a tour of the finest examples of Tunbridge Wells’ beautifully preserved Regency architecture and commemorative plaques, spanning from the homes of novelists and Shakespearean actors to the local residence of Queen Victoria. 

Breathe in our rich local history and the crisp autumn air this half-term in just a few active, family-friendly hours.

Be active without noticing!

Sneak some steps into your day by visiting one of the many historic attractions in the Tunbridge Wells area as a family day out. 

Hole Park Gardens is open between 11am-6pm this Wednesday and Thursday, with a family-run tea room onsite. Catch the magnificent changing colours of the trees at this dog-friendly Georgian estate before it closes for the winter after 31st October.

Pop out to Scotney Castle for a leafy wander around the grounds, lakes and even the Hallowe’en themed children’s trail available until the 3rd November. Also dog-friendly, Scotney Castle is currently in the midst of harvest and so features pumpkins for sale plus a carved pumpkin display by the National Trust team, perfect for a spooky family day out!

Being active can be natural and easy.

Natural Fit can help you move freely and with greater longevity, aiding your everyday functional movement to enable you to rediscover moving how you were born to. Experience life at its full with the people close to you, every day of the year for years to come.

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