Hi I’m Molly!

I strongly believe that exercise and fitness can be a life changing habit, therefore I would like to provide my knowledge and experience to help as many people to adapt their lifestyle in a positive manner as possible! My goal is to support people so that they feel confident in themselves as well as in the gym space and to give people an opportunity for an enhanced quality of life. 

I was once a nervous gym goer so the idea of helping someone who is potentially in the same situation as I was truly excited and resonates with me. After working on the gym floor for 4 years prior to gaining my level 3 personal training qualification and working as a freelance PT up until now, it has been a fun adventure and I feel lucky to have had this experience. I have also gained a mental health awareness qualification which has helped me to work with some more vulnerable and anxious gym goers, I have especially enjoyed watching these types of people thrive and fall in love with exercise!

I now absolutely adore my 1-1 PT sessions and the classes I teach, including:
Movement and core 
Frame and core 

If you attend these classes, you will have my upmost support and encouragement
This is our journey and it would be a pleasure for me to support you on this.

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