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The 5 Pillars of Better Mental Resilience

Everyone has mental health that needs care like physical health. When going through a period of crisis or uncertainty, having a foundation of mental resilience can help you weather the unexpected and feel more confident within yourself. The first step is building your 5 Pillars of Mental Health in this blog, and set yourself on the road to lasting wellbeing

10 Foods to Eat Your Way to Healthy, Hydrated Winter Skin

Wintry weather can be beautiful, but it can wreak havoc on your skin! Dry skin can be a quick, clear sign of gaps in your nutrition so we've put together a list of our top 10 health-packed foods to make your skin as hydrated and youthful as can be, even in the winter months.

Top 10 Local Christmas Gifts in Tunbridge Wells, For The Last-Minute Shopper

Left it too late for online shopping? Looking to shop local and support Tunbridge Wells businesses this Christmas? We've chosen our 10 favourite gifts and fabulous tier-proof experiences to help you keep Christmas special and close to home in 2020.

6 Easy, Relaxing Stretches for The Lockdown Lifestyle

Spending too much time sitting down in Lockdown? Feeling stiff or cooped up in your body? Try these easy, relaxing stretches to wake up your muscles.

Why Sleep is Even More Important For Fitness Than Exercise

Finding it hard to exercise? Looking for ways to stay healthy away from the gym? Sleep is the most essential ingredient for good fitness, and here's why.

6 Immunity-Boosting Foods To Add To Family Meals

Everyone has the same question on their mind right now: how to keep myself and my family as healthy as possible during a pandemic? The best defence starts from within. Try sneaking our 6 favourite vitamin-packed ingredients into an undercover immunity-boosting dinner.

10 Ways to Make the Most of Walking

It has never been so important to look after body and mind, and exercise is crucial for a healthy immune system. Check out our top ten tips to make the most of your daily walk to keep your body fit and healthy during lockdown!

5 Steps To Good Sleep: What is Sleep Hygiene?

Keeping yourself well has never been so important. Good health starts with good rest. Try our simple sleep guide to help you maintain your routine and minimise stress.

No Smoking Day 2020: Can Exercise Counteract the Effects of Smoking?

This UK National No Smoking Day, check out the biggest fitness flaws caused by smoking that tend to fly under the radar, and how they could even be dangerous

The Truth About: Salt

Does salt cause heart disease? How much salt am I eating? How much do I really need in a day, and why? This Salt Awareness Week, we’re tackling the great salt debate to help you be a healthier, more invigorated you.

Gain, Not Pain: Why is Functional Movement Important?

We all move constantly in our day-to-day lives. But what if exercise causes you more pain than gain? Introducing functional movement, and how our innovative functional movement training style will help you restore your natural potential.

How to Make SMART Goals For A Successful, Healthy Life

Did your New Year's Resolutions survive January? Any time is a great time to become a more invigorated you. Learn this easy 5 step technique to achieve your every goal for greater success and better health.

5 Easy Mindful Eating Tips to Enjoy Christmas to the Full, Healthily

Feel confident stepping into 2020 after a fantastic, foodie Christmas with our quick Mindful Eating guide to enjoy Christmas to the max, and still keep your health in tip top condition.

Winter Wellbeing: What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

For some, managing winter may be simply breaking up the dark with twinkly lights, mulled wine and plenty of Christmassy cosiness. But if, year-on-year, you find it tricky to keep your physical and mental health in good shape, you’re not alone. Here are our top five tried-and-tested ways to manage SAD symptoms through to springtime.

Winter Wellbeing: Am I Getting Enough Vitamin D?

Concerned about what effect these shorter, darker days might have on your wellbeing? These are our top three sources of Vitamin D to keep you healthy through winter.

Keep Active This Autumn: Best 5 Tunbridge Wells Days Out

Reconnect with your body, mind, loved ones and the peacefulness of the changing seasons. Check out our five favourite autumnal days out to mix exercise with family fun.

The Truth About: Cholesterol

What does it mean to 'manage your cholesterol'? We've picked out three of the biggest cholesterol myths and laid out the true facts to help you care for your body and ease your mind.

Stoptober - Easy Steps to Kicking Bad Habits for a better, healthier life

This Stoptober, learn to finally break bad habits and form better, healthier habits that unlock your natural potential.

BackCare Awareness Week - Three easy steps to prevent back pain

It’s BackCare Awareness Week (7th-11th October), and we believe that it is always a good time to learn to protect yourself from back pain and restore natural everyday movement to your life

6 forms of Physiological Stress (exercising less can produce better results!)

There are 6 major stressors which effect the body. Under a lot of stress, our bodies aren't able to repair properly and we won't be able to achieve our weight-loss or fitness goals. Sometimes less is more; sometimes the key is to identify when we are under a lot of stress and reduce the intensity of our exercise to give our bodies the space they need to perform well. These are the 6 physiological stressors and how they relate to exercise.

Exercising efficiently - 3 steps to make the most of your workout

Finding time to squeeze in some exercise can be tough. With a busy schedule, time is of the essence. With that in mind, we need to exercise as efficiently as we can. So whether you’re focusing on strength, cardio - or something else - here’s our 3 step plan to make the most of your workout.

The Truth About: Hydration

Feeling tired, dizzy or dried out? This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting sick; you might be dehydrated.

The Truth About: Saturated Fats

Fat makes you fat, right? Not in the slightest. Your body needs fats to able to function naturally how you were born to, and here's why.

How to get a cardio workout from the sauna (that’s right)

More than just a warm room, there’s nothing quite like the experience of a sauna. The crackling stove against those rustic, wooden walls - plus that unmistakable aroma - create a surreal and invigorating experience.

Start Your Day Well With These Easy Morning Meditations

How we spend our time in the morning is crucial for our mental and physical wellbeing for the rest of the day. Meditation is increasingly popular as a quick way of infusing calm into the stress of modern daily life, and it’s easier than you may think! Try our simple and convenient mindfulness tips to welcome a restorative sense of calm in the early hours.

Keeping up with the grandkids – why staying active over 50 is easier now than ever

It’s no secret that regular exercise improves both physical and psychological wellbeing, reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease and mental illness.

Six stages of wellness, and how to win at them

When you hear the word self-care, what do you think of? Eating a diet full of nutritious, healthy food or time out from your day to meditate or exercise?

Four ways to prioritise your wellbeing (because it’s OK to be selfish!)

In this digital age, achieving the perfect work-life balance is easier said than done. Thanks to the advances of modern technology, we’re constantly on the go and plugged in 24/7.