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The centraL  Natural Fit CLASS

Exclusive to Natural Fit, Movement & Core is a mat-based functional movement class based around our levels system using your personal Movement Screening. 

Exercise comfortably whilst expanding your capabilities using techniques that gently reawaken crucial, forgotten muscles, for stronger agility, mobility and flexibility.

No more stiffness or restriction from enjoying the fun of live. Relearn moving how you were born to.

Move with freedom and flow

Ability level: All

This is the perfect class for beginners looking to develop the building blocks to best enjoy the full range of Natural Fit classes and training as well as those looking to rehabilitate functional strength in recovery from injury or to ‘pre-habilitate’ to help you protect your physical wellbeing for future life.

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Studio Classes

Full membership gives unlimited bookings in to the Trainer-led classes of your choice – and what a choice! Over 75 classes available each week, held in three inspiring studios: some high in the yoga / floor studio, higher intensity classes in the studios on the main gym floors. 
 We’ll have classes that are right for you.

Personal Training studio

Follow the Video Personal Trainer, using a personal set of equipment. Over 200 30-minute workouts each week to choose from, based around a choice of programs from weight-loss to Endurance or Rejuvenate. Book in any time, with friends or on your own and just turn up. Everything will be ready, with your name on it!
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