Hey there!
I am Erin and a personal trainer here at Natural Fit.
A little about me and my training style. I love all things fitness and wellbeing and take pride in how passionate I am about this field.

I love lifting heavy things! My focus when it comes to training/coaching is weight lifting and I specialise in helping people gain strength, build muscle and regain or grow confidence when it comes to stepping into the gym.

I believe it is a blessing that we get to move our bodies everyday in some way and I always feel honoured to share that with every enthusiastic member I met here.

When you see me around the club (or hear my strong Northern Irish accent) please come over and say ‘hi’, or don’t be scared to jump into one of my classes, either Circuits or TRX.

Hope to help you along this wonderful journey,
With gratitude,
Erin “

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