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We’re giving our all, to support and restore your natural potential.

Our Philosophy

Natural Fit was born from a desire to help people to exercise and rediscover their youthful agility, whatever their current starting point.

When you join the Gym and Classes, we'll start with a simple screening that will assess your mobility, stability and natural programme. We'll then provide you with a guided, stepped method to improve your day to day, natural functional movement.

Whether you exercise regularly, have had previous injuries or niggles or haven't exercised much for a long time, we'll provide a path to improved physical confidence and greater enjoyment of exercise.

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Tunbridge Wells

Natural Mobility - Agility Sedentary lifestyle, injuries, over-worked bodies can create pain and discomfort. Our subconscious remembers the cause, and closes down our mobility. Natural Fit will help you re-connect and rejuvenate, giving you back agility.

Natural Stability - Strength Our stability comes from our strength. That doesn't have to mean lots of weights-work and machines. We all have strength, we just need to practice and re-learn the basics of core body reliance, in a safe way, to make best use of our body strength.

Natural Programme Natural programming is how we carry out our natural daily actions. When our nervous systems realise our body is safe to carry out a movement, we have strength and agility. When they thinks it's not safe, we have pain and rigidity. Natural Fit will help you release bad habits and move freely.

Natural Fit We'll guide nature's process, help you re-align your body and move with freedom and flow. Look forward to a future life with a re-awakened body, enjoying every day functional movement and exercise. Re-experience the world the way you were born to.

Tunbridge Wells




73-75 Calverley Road 

Tunbridge Wells 



Brighton & Hove




St. Agnes Church 

Newtown Road 

Hove, East Sussex